Training Program

Full Time Courses

  • Motor Vehicle Technician
  • Tyre Service Technician
Intensive / Short Courses
  • Advance Engine Overhaul
  • Vehicle Chassis and Body Measuring System
  • Vehicle Inspection Lane
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel Vibration Control
  • Advance Tyre Changing and Repair Technology
  • Vehicle on Board Diagnostic System
Qualifications & Accreditations
Conducting the four wheel alignment measurement20150623_092122_0033
Tyre servicing session20150623_101337_0086
Changing tyre/strong>20150623_102413_0100
Braking system services20150623_115640_0237
Suspension system repair20150623_111318_0174
Vehicle on-board dignostic20150623_112217_0191
Vehicle transmission services20150623_121625_0271
Steering system services20150623_140301_0306
Overhaul engine20150623_142550_0325
Classroom session20150623_150422_0364
Reception counter20150623_152914_0382
Newera Automotive Academymc-23715mc-23715_000220150623_153816_0393
Vehicle headlamp alignmentDSC_4798