Tyre Servicing & Automotive Solutions

Tyre Changer (Italy)

Established in 1963 and known as SIMPESFAIP today, they are a leading company in automobile service equipment. Ever since the introduction of tyre changers to the tyre servicing industry, Simpesfaip has been a trusted supplier in this segment of the industries. Their range of tyre changers reflects on innovations, quality and reliability has made them a leading name in the international market.

Wheel Alignment System (USA)

Founded in 1946, Hunter Engineering designs and manufactures a wide range of auto service equipment for the global market. PC and Windows based wheel alignment systems, suspension and brake testing systems, computerized wheel balancers, on and off car brake lathes, tyre changers and vehicle lifts are some of their quality products. The highly acclaimed Hunter alignment systems and wheel balancers are approved by automakers such as BMW Group, Diamler Chrysler AG, Volkwagen AG and etc.

Hunter has consistently developed new patented and award winning features for their range of equipment. Coupled with their commitment to update, upgrade of existing systems and easy availability of parts, Hunter truly stands out as a premium supplier of automotive equipment in the market.

Wheel Balancer (Italy)

Cemb, established in 1946 specializes on the development of products for balancing and vibration testing in the automotive industry. Today, Cemb offers a wide range of automotive and industrial balancers to the international market. These equipment features high performance, superior accuracy, operation simplicity and reliability due to Cemb’s commitment to develop new innovative technical solution. Their innovative approach and commitment to after-sales support have made them a leading player in this industry.

Durofix Impact Wrench Impact Wrench (Taiwan)

A new brand for the 21st century, manufacture durable power tools and being promoted in Europe, America, Australia, and Asia.

Newtrac Supplying automotive tools, equipment, and high grade
 Go Gomma Tyre Mounting Paste, Hand Cleaner, Tyre Paint (Italy)

An international leader in the production of solutions for tyre mounting with supplies not only various tyre mounting paste, but also hand cleaner and tyre paint.

maha Premium Workshop Equipment (Germany)

MAHA stands for high-tech vehicle inspections and workshop fitting. As one of the most productive manufacturers, the company supplies workshop fitting that covers the entire range from test benches and vehicle lifts to various inspection devices for cars, utility vehicles, motorbikes and special-purpose vehicles.